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Specified Surface Free Energy of a No/Minimal Hole Slab

September 20, 2023 from 10:30am to 11:30am Eastern Standard Time

Tampa Convention Center [Lower Level - Ballroom D]

Chad Bruce

Since the 2021 presentation “Why Glue Don’t Work,” Chad Bruce has continued to study the impact of curing compounds, bond breakers, and densifiers on the surface-free energy of concrete slabs. In this research, he has found a direct correlation between the quantifiable measurement of surface free energy and the success of adhesives used for forming tilt-up panels. This talk will present findings and create a dialog within the industry that reduces costs and project delays due to incompatible chemical technologies.


  • Tilt Up Contractors are caught between specifications, manufacturers, and sales representatives without strong industry guidance on concrete slab surface free energy.
  • No or minimal hole (glue down) jobs should require a specified concrete slab surface free energy measurement.
  • Certain chemicals used for curing concrete slabs are incompatible with a no or minimal hole (glue down) slab.
  • Applying the wrong or incapable curing agent can increase the cost and or delay the forming of a no/minimal hole slab.

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