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Jobsite Tour [Sold Out]

October 4, 2022 from 11:00am to 4:00pm Mountain Standard Time

This session is full. No further registrations are available.

Registered Attendees

The following individuals are registered for this session. If you are not currently registered and would like to add this event to your registration, please contact astolte@tilt-up.org or call the TCA at (319) 895-6911. Space is limited.

Aaron Barteau - Insteel Engineered Products

Aaron Daugherty - Frontline Concrete Contracting LLC

Abel Martin - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Adam Caresani - Dayton Superior Corporation

Adam Kienitz - KB Concrete Systems, Inc.

Adriel Espinoza - MW Builders

Alec Clardy - Century Concrete, Inc.

Allen Abellard - Leviat

All-Phase Concrete Construction -

Alyssa Walker - raSmith

Andres Hernandez - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Andrew Goldberg - White Cap

Andrew Johnson - MAX USA CORP.

Andrew Wilson - KB Concrete Systems, Inc.

Andy Holt - MAX USA CORP.

Antonio Rios - Frontline Concrete Contracting LLC

Arturo Ramirez - Parks Desarrolladora SA De CV

Ben Brovont - Procon, Inc.

Ben Douglas - American Contractors Supply

Ben Zimmerman - Procon, Inc.

Bo Scribner - MW Builders

Brad Nesset - Leviat

Brady Woods - MW Builders

Brandon Mitchell - Procon, Inc.

Brandon Sleeman - Hughes General Contractors

Brett Mahon - Dayton Superior Corporation

Bryan White - Sylvan Tilt-Up Products

Cam Roy - RAM Construction Inc.

Candace Jones - Leviat

Chad Marshall - Evans General Contractors

Chad Westall - Custom Rock Formliner

Charlie Smith - Myers & Chapman, Inc.

Charlie Wilcox - SECO Construction Supply

Chris Henry - Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Clay Fischer and 1 guest -

Clint Watson - MW Builders

Cody Cataline -

Cody Fisher - Insteel Engineered Products

Connor Beck - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Curtis Skou - Hughes General Contractors

CW Webb - Bennett & Pless Inc.

Dalton List - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Dan Liening - The Korte Company

Dan Pratt - Hughes General Contractors

Daniel Keil - Pattillo Construction Corporation

Daniel Masten - Hughes General Contractors

Daniel Sanchez - Frontline Concrete Contracting LLC

Darian St Michael - Hughes General Contractors

Dario Lamberti - ISI Building Products

David Hennessee - Leviat

David Krahn - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

David Monney - ISI Building Products

David Venegas -

David Williams - White Cap

Don Greive - Pinnacle Structural Engineers

Donald B. Smith - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Dylan Field - Insteel Engineered Products

Dylan James - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Elaine Corso - MAX USA CORP.

Emmanuel Angel - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Erica Marr - Helix Steel

Erik Anderson - Wright Engineers

Erik Johnson - K Johnson Construction Inc.

Estella Matemu - Leviat

Ethan Hall - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Felipe Martinez - GE Johnson Construction Company

Francisco Adames Jr - Contratistas Civiles y Mecanicos CCM

Frank Adames - Contratistas Civiles y Mecanicos CCM

Gary Tyler - Hughes General Contractors

Geoff Krahn - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

George Evans - Frontline Concrete Contracting LLC

Grainne Warren - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Greg Krahn - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Greg Kreiling - KB Concrete Systems, Inc.

Guy Nitchman - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Herring James - White Cap

Hunter Medlock - Myers & Chapman, Inc.

Inez Rangel - MW Builders

Irene Pérez - Parks Desarrolladora SA De CV

Itzel Rangel Flores - Parks Desarrolladora SA De CV

Jack Neubert - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jackie Burke - B.D. Stevens Limited

Jacob Reuter - American Contractors Supply

James R. Baty - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

James Sullivan - MAX USA CORP.

Jason Croy - UFP Concrete Forming Solutions

Jason Richardson - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jason Wahl - Whittenberg

Jason Whitecotton - Myers & Chapman, Inc.

Jay Stevens - Custom Rock Formliner

Jed Haacke - Hughes General Contractors

Jeff Knoblauch - RAM Construction Inc.

Jeremy Stech - Needham DBS

Jeremy Wingfield - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Jimmy Emrick - Emrick Masonry

Joey Howell - TGC Structural

Joey Rhodes - MW Builders

John Paesano - White Cap

John White - McFadden & Miller

Johnnatan Barrozo - MAX USA CORP.

Jon Hankenhof - Dayton Superior Corporation

Jon Hernandez - Murray & Stafford Inc.

Jose Madrigal - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Josh Thomas - MW Builders

JR Hoffschneider - All-Phase Concrete Construction

Juan Adames - Contratistas Civiles y Mecanicos CCM

Juan Pablo Gonzalez -

Judd Lincoln - Leviat

Justin Emrick - Emrick Masonry

Justin McCarthy - Honolulu Builders, LLC

Katt Price - schaefer

Kelsey Welch - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Kendall Crooke - ISI Building Products

Kevin Schrock - Architectural Polymers Inc.

Kirk Morgan - White Cap

Kristin McKenzie - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Kyle Eason - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Kyle Rutledge - MW Builders

Lafond Luke - B.D. Stevens Limited

Lan Moody - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Leo Racedo - Evans General Contractors

Lori Reid - Nox-Crete Inc.

Louis Peyron - MKT Fastening LLC

Luke Eliot - B.D. Stevens Limited

Luke Pinkerton - Helix Steel

Marissa McCarthy - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Mark Spence - Hughes General Contractors

Mark Stevens - B.D. Stevens Limited

Matias Lepparanta - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Matt Reuter - American Contractors Supply

Michael Frew - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Michael Marvin - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Michael Quinlan - Brinkmann Constructors

Michael Seiders - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Michelle Salazar - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Mike Wolstenholme - Leviat

Miriam A. Fox - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Mitch Bloomquist - Tilt-Up Concrete Association

Mitch Minadeo - Dayton Superior Corporation

Mitchell Reinhart - Whittenberg

Nate Slavens - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Nick Decent - raSmith

Nicole Laiho - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Pam Burns - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Paul Eason - Century Concrete, Inc.

Paul Killion - TGC Structural

Paul King - Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Richard Fahey - Leviat

Richard Phifer - PES Structural Engineers

Rick Galloway - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Rick Maciel - CrewTracks

Riley Brosseuk - RJC Engineers

Robert Turner Jr - Turner Brothers LLC

Ruben Salazar - Procon, Inc.

Ryan Anderson - Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Ryan Duren - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Ryan Jones - MW Builders

Ryan McRae - Lithko Contracting, LLC

Ryan Myers - MW Builders

Ryan Sbrusch - Dudley Engineering

Salam Al-Rubaye - Dayton Superior Corporation

Scott Bunney - KB Concrete Systems, Inc.

Scott Collins - Leviat

Scott Partridge - TGC Structural

Sean Vietti - White Cap

Sean Wonderlich - Needham DBS

Shari Nardello - White Cap

Showers Eric - Conewago Enterprises, Inc.

Stephen Flora - Insteel Engineered Products

Steve Dollar - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Steve Eash - Pattillo Construction Corporation

Steve Herbert and 1 guest - Whittenberg

T J Lambert - Helix Steel

Tanner Cutts - Martin Concrete Construction, Inc.

Tanner Fowler - Citadel Contractors, Inc.

Terry Baird - Leviat

Tim Manherz - Encore Concrete Construction LLC

Tom Hertz -

Travis Davis - Hughes General Contractors

Travis Jennings - BSE Structural Engineers LLC

Trent McAteer - Peak Engineering, Inc.

Tyler Atkins - Macgregor Associates Architects

Tyler Evans - Hughes General Contractors

Tyler Starnes - Evans General Contractors

Tyler Unterbrink - The Korte Company

Vance Lazar - Macgregor Associates Architects

Walid Salman - Krahn Engineering Ltd.

Whittenberg Breit - Whittenberg

Zak Bornhoft - MAX USA CORP.

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