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CityPlace Retail Center Expansion

The CityPlace Retail Center expansion had a very aggressive time schedule. Tilt-Up provided the opportunity to both meet the schedule and the aesthetic requirements of the owner and building tenants. In particular, the thin brick system, which was cast-in-place concrete panels, enhanced the structure. The design-build process also utilized creative problem solving in the parking to make the project viable. The processes used also reduced the cost by $400,000.

Using design-build, the contractor was able to meet the schedule for The Koman Group. The contractor selected and retained architectural, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection design services and used a standard design-build subcontract. The architectural and structural agreements were contracted directly between the owner and the architect/engineer. The team was then able to work closely with the engineers and contractors from the initial concept through completion. As a result, the design-build team was able to meet the owner's schedule and budget requirements and complete the project in the most efficient ways.

The design/build contractor guaranteed the cost and delivery dates for specific areas within the project when the contract with The Koman Group was executed. For example, the second-floor office space was turned over on time for interior finish in November, and permanent mechanical and electrical systems were operational by Dec. 10. The clearly outlined contract allowed construction to commence as design was being finalized. The final budget was just under $5 million. Work began in July 2001 and the expansion was ready for occupancy in March 2002.

The Koman Group was especially pleased with the upgraded architectural design using the inlay bricks, which allowed a better environment for retail leasing while still keeping a Class A office design for the second floor. Numerous favorable comments have been received from the owner and others who have seen the building that are impressed by the handset appearance of the inlay bricks.

At the entrance, a three-story "light tower" structure was constructed. With a metal and translucent panel roof, the backlit tower provides a lighthouse beacon effect to surrounding areas. Cast-in-place concrete walls with brick tile facing, granite column cladding and colorful awnings with expressed window openings compliments the development signature main entry tower and plaza. It also produced the appearance within budget.

The site itself was challenging during construction because it is landlocked by existing businesses that are open to the public. As a result, construction required constant coordination to maintain a safe and controlled site and maintain traffic control to allow access to existing businesses. In addition, We were required to use unique construction methods because parts of the new building adjoined the existing structure.

As excavation commenced, existing structures were underpinned or temporarily braced to allow construction to continue without affecting or damaging existing businesses. The main three-story entry element was built with adjoining walls without disturbing the existing structure or the Kinko’s store it houses. Before excavation started for the basement level of the expansion, concrete piers were installed to form a solid wall against the existing facility to prevent damage to the foundation of the building. The wall acted as a retaining wall and also as the permanent foundation wall for the new basement.

After dates for tenant finish turnover were met, multiple general contractors began working on the interiors of the office and retail portions, creating challenges in managing the project and completing work in common areas. To coordinate with multiple general contractors working on the same site, weekly meetings were established with other construction parties and coordinated daily with on-site supervisors to schedule deliveries and work in common areas.

Excavation began of the below-grade parking garage in mid-November, requiring most of the concrete work to be completed during winter months and creating a third challenge. Protecting the concrete was of vital importance because when a concrete slab freezes, it is structurally unsafe. The challenge of pouring concrete during winter temperatures and precipitation was overcome through the use of temporary heat and concrete admixtures. Deck spaces were closed in with plastic tarps to keep out the cold and precipitation, and hot water and chemical additives were mixed in with the concrete.

Construction management on the CityPlace Retail Center expansion was completed in March of 2002, a two-story, mixed-use building featuring 24,834 square feet of retail space, 25,833 square feet of office space, 33,676 square feet of underground parking and 153 grade-level parking spaces.

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Project Location

St. Louis, MO 63141
United StatesA


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Project Team (TCA Members)

General Contractor:
Concrete Contractor:
Nox-Crete Products Group

Project Specifics

Project Category:
Building Types:
Number of Floors:
Tallest Panel:
42 ft 10 in (13.06 m)
Largest Panel:
579 sq ft (53.8 sq m)
Heaviest Panel:
55,740 lbs (25,283 kg)