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CTA architecture + design ltd.

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Architecture affects the lives of everyone. It shapes our experience through the spaces we design and the forms we create. In this way, Architecture is a public act, and the public includes everyone. Architecture embodies our values and at its best our ideals for how communities are made. Better buildings make better communities. We continually aspire to this goal, constantly educating ourselves to be better designers, to learn from each project, to achieve a higher level of Architectural understanding and expression. We endeavor to find the best possible Architectural solutions for our projects, our clients, and our communities. Whether design that encourages social interaction, provides quiet places for respite, or engages with the surroundings, our designs seek to make the most of the opportunities that are leveraged through the process of design. We design projects at a variety of scales and many of our projects are BIG. The challenge as always is to arrive at a solution that can be experienced at the human scale and within budget. Our work fosters an enriched experience through good design.


Member since 2022

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110 - 2920 Virtual Way
Vancouver, British Columbia V3L 3L2
(604) 736-2554

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Craig Mitchell
(604) 736-2554



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Canadian Provinces: British Columbia


CTA architecture + design ltd.

110 - 2920 Virtual Way
Vancouver, British Columbia V3L 3L2

Phone: (604) 736-2554


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