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Robotic Surveying Solution

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Robotic Surveying Solutions has specialized in the latest cutting-edge technology available in the concrete layout industry for over 25 years. Having spent many years as a land surveyor coupled with over 400 customers nationwide, I offer "over the top" sales knowledge, service, and support of robotic layout systems. The technology employed by these systems changes quickly in this industry and demands someone with experience, background, and perspective to teach your crews how to get the most out of these new systems. I will teach your crews how to follow the proper procedures to get the proper results. From auto staking (where the instrument turns to the point to be staked and shines a laser on the exact point on the ground) to the new Auto pole system and can be tilted to take a shot around an object and doesn't require plumbing the pole. These new enhancements will ensure that you get the maximum amount of productivity while experiencing the least amount of error. There are so many new advantages being introduced with these systems. I'd be happy to come do a demonstration for you and your crews and prove to you how much faster, easier and more accurately you could be accomplishing your work… at no cost or obligation. Be one that finds out why over 90% of the contractors doing layout work rely on a robotic total station and 4 out of every 5 CFA users of this advanced technology, rely on Scott Carter at Robotic Surveying Solutions.


Member since 2023

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PO Box 1074
Kaysville, Utah 84037-1074

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Scott Carter
(801) 201-9510

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Scott Carter, Mentor, TILT Mentorship Program
Robotic Surveying Solution, Exhibitor - Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2024 - Phoenix
Scott Carter, Mentor, TILT Mentorship Program
Robotic Surveying Solution, Exhibitor - Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2023 - Tampa
Robotic Surveying Solution, Exhibitor - Tilt-Up Convention and Expo 2017 - Miami

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US States and Territories: Utah


Robotic Surveying Solution

PO Box 1074
Kaysville, Utah 84037-1074



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