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Mastering the Mockup

October 7, 2020 from 2:30pm to 3:30pm Central Standard Time

Courtois Auditorium

Ben Revelle, RA, LEED AP

Amy Luchun, AIA, LEED AP

Successfully managing expectations is often at the core of any desired outcome. In construction, with real time, space, money and people involved, managing expectations means considering the full context within which the project is to be constructed, and setting expectations in alignment with that reality. For many construction systems, especially tilt-up construction, the tool that has been proven best to manage expectations is the mockup panel. The mockup panel, a full-scale sample section made using the same materials, techniques, and personnel that will be used for the project, is critical to the success of any tilt-up project.

Whether the mockup is used solely for selection and confirmation of final building finishes, or to address constructability questions such as transitions of materials or attachments of other systems that need to be tested and perfected prior to casting the final panels, its value cannot be overstated. Mastering the mockup and understanding its usefulness is a valuable lesson. Through several case studies this talk will demonstrate the application of this practice.


  • Explore the use of a mockup panel as an educational tool.
  • Understand how the mockup is used to establish quality standards.
  • Learn to identify and troubleshoot issues at transitions between materials and finishes.
  • Ensure when sampling materials on mockup panels that context, orientation and time are considered.

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