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Welded Bar Mats – Not Your Grandmother’s WWF

October 6, 2020 from 9:30am to 10:30am Central Standard Time

Courtois Auditorium

Welded wire or bar reinforcing has been around for a long time, but in many design professionals’ minds, it has limited roles in construction. This course will provide a short synopsis of the history of the product, and then educate on the ways and locations where it can be used effectively in modern construction. The significant labor and cost savings that are available will be outlined, along with strategies to capture them on projects. Example projects with utilization in tilt-up, foundations, slab on grade, and slab on deck will be shown. Parameters will be provided outlining what manufacturing limitations exist, and how to work around them. The program will also address how WWR fits into modern construction, particularly as it relates to BIM and virtual construction. Through this discussion, benefits to quality control, placement accuracy, and inspection will be covered, outlining why use of WWR makes it easier and more consistent to get what the designer and owner expect in their project.


  • Identify what situations are or are not appropriate or cost effective for welded mats to be used in lieu of loose bar reinforcing.
  • Summarize how welded mar mats can benefit the overall virtual construction effort and how they fit into the BIM.
  • Contrast the approach to site logistics and labor utilization between welded mats and loose rebar.
  • Explain the correct way to specify the use of welded bar mats in contract documents.

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