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A New Generation of Tilt-Wall Icons

September 20, 2018 from 3:00pm to 4:00pm Central Standard Time

Dallas Ballroom BC

Greg Papay, FAIA

Looking for inspiration from modern technology and historical precedent, Lake|Flato Architects has designed some iconic structures with tilt-wall concrete. Lake|Flato Partner Greg Papay, FAIA will share their approach to using a common material in uncommon ways to create transformational projects for their clients. He will present case studies of their work at Francis Parker School in San Diego, and The Doseum and Confluence Park in San Antonio, all award-winning projects, to illustrate the architectural, engineering and construction decisions the project team made to achieve their results. Owner input and feedback from owning these structures, some now a dozen years old, will also illuminate the life cycle outcomes of choosing tilt-wall.

Francis Parker School - Lake|Flato (image by Frank Ooms)

Francis Parker School’s new Middle and Upper School Campus sought to create a durable, handsome, economical and environmentally friendly campus of buildings. For that, we relied heavily on tilt-wall construction, recalling the spirit of the innovative, early 20th century projects done in the San Diego region by Rudolf Schindler and Irving Gill. The tilt wall construction contributed greatly to the building’s environmental and engineering performance. The 7 ¼” walls resist both vertical and lateral loads, creating incredibly sturdy shells. These shells also help dampen heat gain and loss, contributing to the buildings outperforming Title 24’s stringent energy requirements by 30%. High fly ash content, local sand and cement sources and colored admixtures created the warm-toned walls. In selected areas, recycled glass aggregate was added to the panels and ground smooth, creating vibrant colors at areas of maximum interaction. Of particular interest are the panels in the Lecture Hall. Shaped on the interior to create an incredible, acoustically tuned spaces for lectures, orchestras, rock bands and choirs, the panels are as wide as 18” thick and weigh up to 80,000 lbs. With 12 structures on the campus predominantly structured by tilt-wall, the campus represents one of the largest uses of tilt wall in an educational environment in the United States.

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