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Case Study: Exploring a Historic Native Vernacular

October 8, 2020 from 10:30am to 11:30am Central Standard Time

Courtois Auditorium

Eric Sterner

Paul Sierpina

Designed to meet a longstanding commitment by a Community College built on Salt River Pima - Maricopa Indian Community land, the design of the Scottsdale Community College Business School and Indigenous Cultural Center utilized saguaro ribs imbedded into tilt panels to create not only a defining feature for this project, but also create pride and equity. A teaming effort between Architekton, Suntec, and Okland, this project focuses greatly on the possibilities both physically and economically of using tilt-panels in higher education projects as well as serving as a case study using tilt as the mediator to help define a new Southwest Native vernacular.


  • Process and insight on how contractor, subcontractor and architect can all become a part of the design and user integration process and the necessity for this when doing tilt on higher education projects.
  • Embedment and finishing techniques on integrally colored concrete panels.
  • Cost comparisons of typical wall assemblies in the southwest to tilt-up and the opportunities in design specifically in the southwest that can come from its utilization and appropriation.
  • Opportunities for design beyond the typical tilt-up approach.

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