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Tilt-Up Expo – Exploring Architectural Finishes

October 7, 2020 from 11:30am to 1:30pm Central Standard Time

Expo Hall

Projects incorporating high-end architectural finishes have become quite common in the tilt-up industry. A look at recent years’ tilt-up achievement award winners demonstrates the variety and sophistication possible when using formliner, think brick, stain, and other technologies to deliver unique building façades. The Tilt-Up Convention and Expo in 2020 will make exploring products and techniques related to these finishes easier than ever through the introduction of a new architectural finishes pavilion. Some of the featured exhibits are listed below.

Custom Rock Formliners render to life architectural expression in tilt up concrete panels efficiently and economically.  Along with a whole array of standard patterns and an endless possibility for custom patterns, Custom Rock offers the EZ-Brik formliner for embedding thin brick in tilt wall panel.   Adding textures to these thin brick panel projects allows the tilt up market to reach new heights with the building envelopes they can offer to owners and architects.   

ENDICOTT | Booth C23
Endicott Thin Brick is an internationally recognized, family owned, architectural brick manufacturer that has been in business for over 100 years. Endicott is renowned for its “ironspot” colors and manufacturers a complete line of thin brick, full brick, pavers, and special shapes. We honor our business partnerships and value the architectural vision and design in creating outstanding projects. Endicott Thin Brick meet and exceed the set forth guidelines by ASTM and Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA). Endicott Thin Brick has supplied material to numerous projects across the U.S., such as Odessa Schools, Leander School District, SWFA Outdoors, Dillard Elementary School, just to name a few. www.endicott.com.

As the nation’s expert manufacturer of embedded thin brick systems for the tilt wall industry, Innovative Brick provides top-level support for your projects. We create efficiencies with design consultation and budgetary estimating. We then provide full support including all materials and on-site training. Architects specify our products for their ease of use, reliability and cost-efficient workflow methods. Contractors appreciate the quicker clean- up process and lower labor costs. We can customize our liner panels to a variety of construction methods. From the early stages of design and brick lay-out to final delivery and installation of the brick panels, we support your project every step of the way.

Nawkaw offers high-quality services and products for concrete and masonry staining. We bring our clients' dreams for architectural finishes to life with our wide range of stains in any color and our certified stain applicators. Nawkaw transformations promise no chipping, peeling, or fading on surfaces such as block, brick, concrete, and stone. We lead in architectural innovations with a portfolio of projects ranging from exterior fixes to a complete transformation through color and unique staining. The products we use are durable, locally adaptable, and environmentally friendly. Let us help you create your vision - anything is possible!

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