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Early Bird Roundtable: Bringing MARS Down to Earth! - Applying Technologies Used in the MARS Pavilion to Tilt

September 20, 2018 from 7:00am to 8:00am Central Standard Time

Dallas Ballroom D3

Tim Manherz, FTCA

Luke Pinkerton

Don Greive, PE

Wake up early for a sneak peak of one of the most impressive demos that will be executed at this year’s event. Discover how CTS and Helix collaborated to apply the same technologies used to create Form Found Design's rebar-less MARS canopy, commissioned by Jeff Bezos, to make thinner tilt panels, with less rebar, that can be erected hours, not days, after pouring. Discussion will focus on how this could completely disrupt the tilt market allowing for lower costs, faster installations and stronger tilt walls. Other applications, such as how the same technologies are being applied to joint free slabs on grade will be discussed.

In 2017 Joseph Sarafian, Assoc. AIA, Ron Culver, AIA and Steve Fuchs with Form Found Design in Los Angeles, California introduced attendees at TCA Tilt-Up Future Think to their MARS Pavilion. The pavilion explored a new construction methodology, capable of digitally producing variation in concrete at a higher precision level and lower cost than ever before utilizing robotic forming techniques. While the focus of the presentation was on innovative form making, the concrete science allowing for the intricate forms quickly became an area of interest for some in our industry. Today, just over a year later, we are demonstrating the direct application of this technology for our industry. 

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