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As a member of the Tilt-Up Concrete Association, you are encouraged to nominate high-potential leaders from your organization to participate in an upcoming onboarding and work event hosted by TILT (Tilt-Up Industry Leaders of Tomorrow). The virtual event, planned for January 13, 2021, aims to connect young professionals interested in TILT in a setting where they can quickly get oriented and make an impact.

The event will open with a panel discussion led by TILT’s leadership group. This will be followed by short introductions to the various COE (Categories of Engagement) that structure the group’s foci. New TILT members will be invited to select initiatives that align with their skills and interests, and then they’ll get to work.

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Employers are encouraged to nominate high-potential young leaders from their organization to participate using the registration form. The event is open to TCA members only. Registration is required.

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January 13, 2021

View agenda below.

The Aggregate

The virtual event will be held in The Aggregate, TCA's immersive virtual events destination.

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In 2018, the TCA’s board of directors established a young professionals collaborative called TILT. The primary goals behind founding this group were to provide access to TCA’s cross-disciplinary resources and offer support to the industry’s future leaders by offering self-initiating programs that examine today’s design and construction challenges. A total of 39 individuals were selected to participate in a kick-off event in Las Vegas on January 22, 2019, during World of Concrete. At that event, participants were charged with formulating their mission, programming, and structure through a series of exercises designed by a professional facilitator and created with the objectives and policies set forth by TCA’s board of directors.

Since TILT’s founding just two years ago, the group has had a tremendous impact on TCA’s programming and have advised the board of directors on major structural issues. Current initiatives include the formation of a mentorship program, a tilt-up details study, technical hotline restructuring, social media programing, and more.


All Times Central Time

9:00 am: Group Structure - Board Intros - Project Introductions
9:30 am: TILT Video Awards
10:00 am: Mentorship Program + Small Group Networking (Mix Groups)
11:00 am: Social Media and TILT
1:00 pm: Virtual Technical Forum (Cyber Hotline)
2:00 pm: Regional Detail Study
3:00 pm: New Business
3:30 pm: Closing