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Heavy Fleet Corporate Headquarters

TCA Tilt-Up Project Profile - Warehouse/Distribution Division

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With the objective of constructing a “South Beach” art deco warehouse and distribution center in an industrial park for Heavy Fleet, Tilt-Up was the ideal solution that resulted in a unique architectural statement showcasing the owner’s taste. Simple elements were used to provide an exterior façade that is unique, interesting and timeless. Vertical fins and spires were used to break-up the façade and provide an interesting elevation. Horizontal elements include a painted steel sunscreen/canopy and horizontal reveals. Pineapple Grove precast medallions were applied in recessed areas above the main entrance to architecturally enhance the panels and coffered ceilings accent the main reception area and the president’s office. Further, a 10-foot cantilevered galvanized steel-finned sunscreen with a canopy can be found at the main entrance and four 24-foot anodized aluminum spires in stainless steel boots accent the main and retail entrance.

Schedule also was a key factor in the selection of Tilt-Up as Heavy Fleet was seeking to, with the creation of this new 20,059 square foot structure, merge two existing facilities into one and the existing leases were due to expire. Tilt-Up construction allowed the contractor to construct the building while performing the site work. Even though the project was built through the winter with extensive soils challenges, the construction was completed in only 189 days. Tilt-Up construction also provided the owner with a durable, relatively maintenance-free facility, which is key for this heavy truck maintenance and parts distribution center.

Although many industrial projects have similar exterior finishes, the Heavy Fleet Corporate Headquarters is definitely a project that went outside the box. But, even with its bold statement, it blends well with the other buildings in the industrial park and has lasting value and marketability for the owner.


Project Specifics

Total Panels (Single Building)
33 panels
Project Wall Area
18,120 sq ft
(1,683 sq m)
Project Floor Area
20,059 sq ft
(1,863 sq m)
Project Footprint
20,059 sq ft
(1,863 sq m)
Tallest Panel
36 ft 6 in
(11.13 m)
Widest Panel
20 ft 7 in
(6.27 m)
Largest Panel
730 sq ft
(67.8 sq m)
Heaviest Panel
59,530 lbs
(27,002 kg)

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