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Rockside Oncology Clinic

TCA Tilt-Up Project Profile - Special Projects Division

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Although this award winner is not an architecturally dramatic structure, it demonstrates a type of specialized construction that Tilt-Up is well suited for. Specialized uses such as this one also represent a new area of opportunity for Tilt-Up contractors.

The Rockside Oncology Clinic in Independence, Ohio, needed a radiation containment structure built to house a new high-powered linear accelerator the clinic uses in the treatment of certain cancers.

The fusion of physics and medicine represented by this use for accelerators has allowed medical practice groups to establish satellite treatment centers for outpatient cancer care. Extremely secure concrete "bunkers" must be constructed for the accelerators, however.

General contractor for this project was the Darrell A. Young Corporation of Beachwood, Ohio. Tilt-Up subcontractor was the C. T. Taylor Company, Hudson, Ohio.

The 3,000 square foot radiation containment structure was built at a cost of $35.00 per square foot. It was fabricated of 52 wall panels (averaging 8' wide x 14' high x 1'2" thick) and 27 roof panels (averaging 30' long x 4' wide x 1'2" thick). The major challenge of this job was to form and pour wall and roof panels that would maintain the tight joint clearances required by the physicist overseeing the installation.

Wall and roof panels were typically stack cast three high. Because of lack of space close to the bunker, panels were laid out and cast at the opposite end of the clinic's parking lot.

A 55-ton hydraulic crane was used to pick, carry and erect the panels. Since the walls and roof were constructed of three wythes of 1'2" panels, it was a logistical achievement to cast and set the panels in the most efficient sequence while minimizing double-handling.

Since the bunker was an add-on to an existing structure which has GFRC facia panels, architectural decoration was kept to a minimum.

One 6-inch wide and one 1-inch wide horizontal rustication bands were cast into an otherwise smooth panel. Textured paint was used to replicate the surface of the existing GFRC panels. Another interesting aspect of this job, and one that made it especially suited for Tilt-Up, is that the bunker is not a permanent structure.

Rockside Oncology Clinic decided to locate this facility in leased space for which the landlord dictated an easily removable shielded enclosure for the accelerator.

Although the decision to site cast and Tilt-Up the structure was mandated by this lease stipulation, the fact that the structure was not permanent allowed the clinic's owners to depreciate construction costs on an "accelerated" basis.


Project Specifics

Project Floor Area
3,000 sq ft
(279 sq m)

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