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TCA Tilt-Up Project Profile - Office Division

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Why Did the Owner Select Tilt-Up?

We used Tilt-Up, because we like the system and we feel comfortable with it.

What was the Overall Complexity of the project?

We wanted to build a ¨Green and Intelligent¨ building. So from its design up to the construction it was always a big challenge. The building had to be orientated in a certain direction without loosing its original design, also we had very high and curved tilt-walls. We did an extensive research on Green Buildings in the U.S. so we can comply with all the requirements of such a building, also we had to apply this same concept to the Tilt-Up system. For that, we had to saw cut all the casting beds used for the walls of the building and turn them into sidewalks, so we would not have any waist of concrete.

What was the Project Mission?

Build a building that is the first one of its kind in the region that contributes to the conservation of the environment. Our goal is to start a new focus in the construction business, for others to start designing and constructing buildings that are environmental friendly.

What were the special architectural treatments?

Ideas related with green building concept and the natural colors of the area.

What were the outstanding features?

The panels at the main plaza are curved and tall (27.75 wide x 51.50 h.). The paint was made with sand to decrease the impact sand to decrease the impact of the sun, to minimize heat transfer, we are located in the desert. The number of columns was minimized to one to obtain a very flexible area for offices distribution. To achieve this we used the Tilt-Up concrete panels as loading walls.

What special materials were used?

Ecological paint, wood from certified forests, etc.

What additional features or comments should be made?

Although very tall and curved Tilt-Up walls make this building an excellent choice for the Achievement Awards along with it being a great looking building. However, it is the first building of this type of design in the region and this is the foremost reason for award consideration. We consider our selves pioneers on this kind of construction. All the construction systems had to comply with the Green and Intelligent Building concept, from its design up to its present operation and management. This building with its unique design is positioned in a strategically orientation so that the natural sunlight can be used for the light needed for the building. In other words, we do not turn lights on during the day when we have enough sun light. Also the windows are positioned in a way that we can take advantage of the wind to cool the building weather permitting. Also, the building complies with the Intelligent Building requirements, so when The building does not have enough natural resources it can use, the building changes from a ¨Green Building to an "Intelligent Building" by turning on lights and the HVAC system. In the design of this building, ergonomics was also very important for us, it is amazing the increase in production you we experienced with the combination of good ergonomics with the green building concept. Our employees are happier, they have a better attitude and they take this positive attitude to their homes and eventually they transmit it to their family.


Project Specifics

Tallest Panel
51 ft 6 in
(15.70 m)
Largest Panel
1,429 sq ft
(132.8 sq m)

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