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Martin's Royal Office Build-Out

TCA Tilt-Up Project Profile - Office Division

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This office build-out consisted of a remodel of existing space and an expansion that tripled the size of the original headquarters. Showcased in this build-out are four tilt-up wall panels inside of the lobby, an architectural feature that is not usually seen on the interior of a building. This sort of project posed many challenges, including overcoming the challenges that the existing structure presented in order to cast and erect the tilt panels.

The lobby has four tilt-up panels. The tallest measuring 17-feet 6.5-inches and the heaviest panel weighing 16,500 pounds. All of the panels provide this interior project with an exceptionally creative design that provides the "wow" factor for anyone who walks in the door.

One of the panels, which was casted and erected at an askew angle, features a jib from a 300-ton crane that is positioned through the tilt-up panel and goes over the conference room table, where it is bolted to the floor in the corner of the room. The tilt-up panels make up one side of the conference room, and much of the lighting for the room is wired to hang from the crane jib. The last panel, which features a "M" with exposed re-bar to represent the logo, is on a wall in the lobby and equally compliments the crane jib panel in aesthetic appeal.

Lastly, the new office remodel includes over 6,000 square feet of finished warehouse space to provide various development and training to the staff. This space is large enough to hold equipment training course such as concrete finishing with laser screed machines.


Project Specifics

Project Wall Area
675 sq ft
(63 sq m)
Project Floor Area
14,435 sq ft
(1,341 sq m)
Project Footprint
14,435 sq ft
(1,341 sq m)
Tallest Panel
17 ft 6 in
(5.33 m)
Widest Panel
12 ft 6 in
(3.81 m)
Largest Panel
220 sq ft
(20.4 sq m)
Heaviest Panel
16,500 lbs
(7,484 kg)
Tallest Cantilever Panel
2 ft 9 in
(0.84 m)
Recycled Content
0 tons (US)

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