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DC Evidence Control Facility

TCA Tilt-Up Project Profile - Institutional Division

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This facility was designed for extremely dense storage of police evidence using two types of storage equipment:

  • 35' tall automated vertical shuttles by Kardex Remstar
  • 36' tall moveable aisle Xtend storage systems by SpaceSaver installed on an embedded rail system

By employing the Tilt-Up method of construction, we were able to achieve our required clear heights (39'-0") necessary for the storage equipment and associated HVAC and fire protection. This design method also expedited the construction process, as we were able to go from excavating foundations to a dried-in warehouse in just over 56 days. A 3" topping slab was used in the warehouse to embed the rail system. This topping slab also concealed the welded angle connections used between the base slab and the tilt panels to provide a more finished looking warehouse facility. The 9-1/4" thick concrete panels also exceeded the level of perimeter security the police were hoping to achieve in the facility.


The design imperative of the DCEC project was to provide a strong, secure, high volume evidence storage facility with essential massing while still making the overall aesthetic welcoming to the citizen who it serves. The challenges of enhancing the warehouse design was accomplished by stepping the massing of the lower Administration wing and enlarged mechanical screen up to the 43' high tilt-up walls of the warehouse section. The Administration wing, with a public entrance, accentuated with the clean lines of a steel canopy and employee patio area. The warehouse massing was further articulated with a light, texture painted field color accentuated with complimentary, warm toned texture painted panels and reveals. The overall affect was to project the sense of a secure facility while still being accessible and welcoming to the citizens of the District of Columbia.


The project was completed under budget (over $700,000 of savings was returned to the owner), and ahead of schedule. The project was turned over more than 6 weeks before the contractual completion date, and an early completion bonus was given to the contractor.

The project also receive the NAIOP Award for Excellence for Best Industrial / Flex Project.

Additional information

This project provided the Metropolitan Police Department with a futuristic, fully automated, high density storage system made possible by the Tilt-Up method of construction. Due to the clear heights achieved with the tilt panels, all evidence, personnel and equipment was able to move from an 80,000 sf standard facility to this new 30,000 sf facility with room for expansion.

Additionally, the facility was able to achieve LEED Gold in large part due to the credits for Regional Materials and Recycled Content. Both of these credits were maximized due to the concrete and steel material used in the tilt panels.


Project Specifics

Total Panels (Single Building)
38 panels
Project Floor Area
30,379 sq ft
(2,822 sq m)
Tallest Panel
48 ft 2 in
(14.69 m)
Widest Panel
18 ft 2 in
(5.54 m)
Largest Panel
827 sq ft
(76.8 sq m)

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