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Vanir H. Frank Dominguez Memorial Building

2010 TCA Tilt-Up Achievement Award - Office Division

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The three-story Vanir H. Frank Dominguez Memorial Building in Sacramento, Calif., serves as the headquarters for Vanir Construction Management and Development. The rectangular plan is split and skewed with a wedge created in between the two halves housing the lobby and common areas, which achieves a break in the continuous monotony of the facade and adapts the building to the curve of the site. The light-filled double-volume entrance foyer creates a warm welcome that exudes a strong corporate image, while providing an excellent setting for holiday parties.

The cables that swoop down from the third floor are striking features that hold up the second-floor lobby. An angled staircase cuts through the oval lobby connecting the two levels, and features an egg-shaped planter punctuated by a reception desk nestled below. A play of interlocking planes and volumes is enhanced by an invigorating configuration of rich materials - maple, stainless steel and translucent panels, resulting in a space that is simultaneously crisp and calm. By incorporating a layered facade with contrasting paint colors accented by metal trim, the contractor was able to design this innovative facility.

The illusion of two-story high windows was made possible with Tilt-Up wall panels and exterior glazing. Serving as an elegant solution to allow for a three-story high curtain wall entrance to the headquarters, the wall panels are structurally strong enough to support gravity loads and are constructed to resist seismic-induced loads. The project was awarded a rebate by the utility company for achieving significant energy savings through sustainable design.

In addition, high thermal mass Tilt-Up walls aid in substantial reduction in cooling energy, and the use of evaporative condensed rooftop equipment instead of air-cooled condenser equipment add to cost reduction and energy savings. Low-e glazing is utilized, which reduces solar gain during summer while transmitting adequate daylight to the interior. The absence of reheat in the mechanical design helps to attain substantial reduction in the space heating requirements. This stately office building provides function, form, durability and economy, all while avoiding expensive materials costs.

Project Specifics

Project Wall Area
25,700 sq ft
(2,388 sq m)
Project Floor Area
60,000 sq ft
(5,574 sq m)
Project Footprint
20,000 sq ft
(1,858 sq m)
Tallest Panel
45 ft 0 in
(13.72 m)
Widest Panel
32 ft 0 in
(9.75 m)
Largest Panel
1,440 sq ft
(133.8 sq m)
Heaviest Panel
104,500 lbs
(47,400 kg)

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