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TCA Technical Committee

The TCA Technical Committee strives to enhance the Tilt-Up Industry by reviewing, developing and distributing technical knowledge.

Current roster

  • David Tomasula, Chair – LJB Inc.
  • Will Braswell – BBM Structural Group [E]
  • Scott Collins – Meadow Burke [E]
  • Darryl Dixon – Thermomass [C]
  • Glenn Doncaster – Citadel Contractors [C]
  • Dan Doyle – C.E. Doyle [C]
  • Barclay Gebel – Concrete Strategies [C]
  • Shawn Hickey – Site Cast Construction, Inc. [C]
  • John Hukey – Dayton Superior Corporation [C]
  • David Kelly – Kelly Consulting [E]
  • Phil Kopf – The Kopf Consulting Group [C] [E]
  • Kimberly Kramer – Kansas State University [E]
  • Albert Kwan – Permit Engineering [E]
  • Dan Leining – Korte Construction [C]
  • Andrew McPherson – Seretta Construction [C]
  • Shane Miller – Div-Con, Inc. [C] [E]
  • Craig Olsen – C.E. Doyle [E]
  • Lance Osborn – Meadow Burke [E]
  • Joe Steinbicker – Steinbicker & Associates [E]
  • Brian Tarantino – Simpson, Gumpertz, & Heger, Inc. [E]
  • Matthew Trail – Tilt-Con [C]
  • Saul Mazur – Vexcon Chemicals, Inc.
  • Estella Matemu - Dayton Superior Corporation

Note: a [C] designationtion above indicates members of the Construction subcommittee, while [E] indicates a member of the Engineering subcommittee

Staff liaison

  • Jim Baty


  • Develop topics for potential research for industry improvement
  • Review all appropriate documents before publication for technical and safety correctness
  • Maintain existing technical documents and plan updates as needed
    • Wind Bracing Guidelines (current 2005 edition)
    • Guideline Specifications (current 2002 edition)
    • Safety Check List
    • Tilt-Up Construction & Engineering Manual
      • English (current 6th edition)
      • Spanish (current 5th edition)
  • Tilt-Tips
  • Tolerances
  • Propose and review new technical publications

Current tasks

  • General:
    • Provide advice to staff with regard to requests for advice and opinions.
    • Create TCA Guidelines for Insulated Wall Panels:
      • Types of insulation systems, interior, integral and exterior
      • Types of sandwich panels, composite & non-composite
      • Types of connectors, criteria & testing.
    • Produce and/or Revise Frequently Asked Questions for Website
    • Create outline for new TCA Construction manual detailed from Tilt Tips, Field Tips and other resources. Determine the segregation of information from the current 6th edition TCEM to separate Construction and Engineering manuals to represent the 3-volume direction we are currently heading towards.
    • Generate article subjects for industry publications like Concrete International, Structural Journal, etc. Identify key contributors and review content as required.
    • Review Field Tips as prepared by Membership Committee
    • Generate subjects for additions to Tilt Tips series
    • Continue discussion of concerns at ACI for seismic performance of Tilt-Up related to load changes by ASCE and NEHERP
    • ACI 318-H and BSSC TS-4 Seismic Issues
    • Liaison with ACI 551 committee for consistency between industry documents.
    • Update reference CD (future)
    • New Tilt-Up Construction Manual (future)
  • Construction sub-committee:
    • Field Tips – a series of helpful construction guides written by contractor labor for contractor labor intended to network successes throughout the industry of TCA members
  • Engineering sub-committee:
    • Provide continual review of engineering based inquiries to the TCA HQ
    • Act as reviewers for industry document comments (i.e. SEAOSC, ACI 318, ASCE 07, etc)
    • Begin thorough transition statement of existing TCEM vol. 6 to new concept for TCEM vol. 7



About the TCA

Founded in 1986, the Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA) strives to improve the quality and acceptance of site-cast Tilt-Up construction, a method in which concrete wall panels are cast on-site and tilted into place. Tilt-Up construction is one of the fastest growing industries in the United States, combining the advantages of reasonable cost with low maintenance, durability, speed of construction and minimal capital investment. At least 10,000 buildings, enclosing more than 650 million square feet, are constructed each year using this construction method.

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