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TCA Awards

2008 TCA Student Design Contest Results

Fire Storm Housing

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The 2008 student design competition sought to challenge entrants to creatively solve the problem of producing a custom, single-family residence for a model home.

Students in the field of architecture were invited to present conceptual designs for firestorm-resistant housing located in the Santa Ana region of California using site-cast concrete Tilt-Up panels for their shell components.

First Place: Fire Storm Housing

Tilt-Up concrete can resist a fire for approximately four hours for a typical 6.5” wall. By cutting our building into smaller sections using a breezeway and using the tilt-up concrete walls, we created a barrier to prevent spreading flames.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 4.67 MB]

Second Place: Adaptive Housing

By allowing the owner’s living space to “grow” with his/her family, adaptive housing helps to reduce unnecessary debt and waste caused by owning an excessively large home which can overextend the financial resources of a family. Instead, these expandable living units help extend the building’s usable life for the owner by allowing for adaptability and promoting family growth.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 2.34 MB]

Third Place: Urban Trapezoid

The house is a one story, three bedroom ranch with two and a half bath, small swimming pool and a interior glass covered courtyard to let natural light into the house thru the center of the house Trapezoid shape that is reinforced in the house ceiling. The idea was to take the Trapezoid shape of the property site and design something alike, and to move the living room from the traditional forward space of the house to the rear of the house and able to connect important spaces or hierarchical spaces into one.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 1.48 MB]

Honorable Mention: Building with Nature

With particularly warm weather in Southern California the house was designed to feature the outside as its main exhibit. This was achieved by making the lines of separation between the inside and outside less distinguishable. The arcades in the front and back of the house act as a limbo between shelter and the elements of the outside.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 7.6 MB]

Honorable Mention: The Fan House

Inspiration came from the fascinating shape of the site with initial concept designs using curved walls to mimic that shape. The final design incorporates a half circle for the front of the house with a rectangular shape in the back to better accommodate the bedrooms. In order to achieve this, the interior walls are the main tilt-up walls making a “fan” like shape, connecting to a core in the middle.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 5.8 MB]

Honorable Mention: The Four Linked Soldiers

The exterior of this single family home is created entirely of flame resistant concrete panels that can be cast on-site and hoisted into place quickly and affordably using the newest Tilt-Up construction methods. Four main concrete panels run through the entirety of the house adding stability and protection, much like soldiers protect their country. When linked together the four panels would act as fire walls and help keep the fire out or contained and limit the amount of damage.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 8.4 MB]

Honorable Mention: Southwest with a Twist

The most important aspect of the building is the court formed by the three main buildings. The building is low to the ground so when fire season comes around, all the embers that come near the house will be forced away from the house due to the low curved metal roof; however, daily ventilation is can also be used to create a stack effect.

Download the complete project board [PDF - 6.8 MB]

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