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Murray Parker Memorial Award Winners

Parker is credited with introducing Tilt-Up to an area of the world where many thought it was impossible to use the medium.

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This award is presented to a recipient whose dedication to the greater good of the Tilt-Up industry is recognized by their peers.

It is presented during the annual TCA Tilt-Up Expo and Convention.

2017 - John G. Miller

2016 - Bruno Silva Dias

2014 - Clay Fischer

Clay Fischer and his wife Jeanne formed Woodland Construction in 1987, with Clay’s brother Gary joining them soon after. As Clay likes to put it, “We started from the back of a pickup truck.” They tilted their first building in 1988. Under Fischer’s guidance, Woodland Construction has become one of the premier tilt-up subcontractors in the country. Fischer and his teams are always looking for a challenge. In fact, they thrive on non-traditional projects. Although they still do a few big boxes, their pioneering spirit has always put them in the forefront with project examples including tight sites, nine-story tall panels, curved panels, new finishes, post-tensioning, leaning panels and other out-of-the-ordinary features. One of Fischer’s classic lines is, “Hey, it’s crazy enough, it just might work.”

Woodland Construction has received more than 40 Tilt-Up Achievement awards from the TCA. Fischer has also served the TCA and the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) on their boards of directors and as their president. Woodland was the first company to receive the TCA Certified Tilt-Up Company designation, and it requires that all of its supervisory staff are ACI/TCA certified.

“It is the pioneering spirit of Clay, Woodland Construction and others like him that have fueled the growth of tilt-up and its expansion to virtually every building type constructed,” said Mark Johnson, Johnson Structural Group, Inc. “If you think it, Clay and his team can probably figure out a way to build it.”

2013 - Roger Meyer of Summit Concrete

Roger Meyer of Summit Concrete in Blue Springs, Missouri was selected as the recipient of this award for 2013. Summit concrete has made great leaps advancing the use of architectural tilt-up. Adapting the method to a Midwest “mindset,” Meyer and Summit developed a solid reputation for high-end detail and finishes most notably in retail applications. The building envelopes are known for incorporating thin brick, synthetic stucco, laid brick and laid stone, among other advanced techniques.

Foley states, "When Summit first introduced the tilt-up concept in 1985, they were the first to do so in a market where many said it couldn't be done. Further, it was a market dominated by large-span metal buildings. Roger pioneered and perfected many new techniques to address the concerns of the local architectural community. He has always been ready to try new things.”

Jim Baty, Technical Director for the TCA, stated “In addition to the market shaping work on building programs that Summit has become known, the work Roger and his company committed to for the TCA’s Korean War Memorial (dedicated during the 2011 Annual Convention to the City of Kansas City) was extraordinary and a great undertaking of generosity to both industry and community.”

2012 - Shawn Hickey of SiteCast, Inc.

A tireless promoter of the site cast tilt-up construction method, Shawn Hickey has been instrumental in certification for the industry and training for contractors throughout the world. He has continued his pioneering spirit through involvement in western Africa and the Middle East. He has worked with the Canadian government to expand their knowledge on the use of tilt-up in their worldwide development for security and durability. At one time, tilt-up was not well known in Ontario, throughout the design and construction community. SiteCast was able to remedy the situation by marketing and promoting tilt-up throughout the Province and by performing high quality industry groundbreaking techniques. As SiteCast has expanded its operations globally, it has become a leader in the transfer of technology and knowledge.

"I have been fortunate to present the tilt-up process to an international audience," said Hickey. "In all cases, not only have we taught a new skillset to an unskilled worker, they have taught me their social values. In Ontario, the acceptance towards tilt-up is overwhelming, which is a statement that our programs are working."

2011 - Frank Adames of Contratistas Civiles y Mecanicos (CCM)

During the past five years, Frank Adames and his company, CCM have received high acclaim for their extreme works of Tilt-Up in a market that has been dominated by cast-in-place frame and block in-fill. In addition, Adames has shown great devotion becoming highly active in the TCA and the promotion of the creativity embodied by Tilt-Up construction. Through the Tilt-Up Achievement Awards program, Frank Adames has shown many an aggressive Tilt-Up solution for multi-level above- and below-grade structures that uses Tilt-Up as both perimeter bearing wall construction as well as internal structural frames. His consistent involvement in TCA Convention has brought significant content to his peers while bringing home solutions to the challenges faced in the Dominican Republic.

More than any other accomplishment, CCM has been single-handedly responsible for the growth of Tilt-Up as a major construction system throughout the Dominican Republic with more than 100 buildings now on the island, some among the largest in the world. He now sets the standard for not only development of Tilt-Up in this market but also integrating technology through each and every project using BIM to provide complete integration for his projects.

"I am honored to be the recipient of the Murray Parker Memorial award, recognizing the pioneering and innovation in the Tilt-Up industry," said Adames. "We started using the Tilt-Up system 15 years ago with great acceptance from the Dominican market. It was possible with the help of the TCA and its members. Many people opened their doors and spent hours and days reviewing and commenting on our projects. They gave us the confidence that we were on the right path. Thank you for the recognition and support."

2010 - Steve Miers of Tilt-Up, Inc.

Steve Miers has been an avid supporter of the Tilt-Up industry and was a key factor in the growth of the system. Located in a market heavily dominated by precast, Miers instituted site cast Tilt-Up construction on a wide range of projects. In fact, he even acted as the developer on projects to prove the effectiveness of Tilt-Up. He conquered projects of all sizes and shapes, ranging from mini-storage warehouses and private residences to entertainment centers and industrial projects. He helped shape Tilt-Up for the Midwest and redefined the concepts of Tilt-Up application for many throughout the country. Miers assisted many start-up contractors and offered his expertise on challenging projects across the country.

“I was very fortunate to have served on the Tilt-Up Concrete Association board with Murray for a number of years and considered Murray a good friend and fellow Tilt-Up kind of guy,” said Miers. “It is a very special honor for me to receive this award bearing Murray’s name and I thank the association for this honor.”

2009 - Seretta Construction

Seretta Construction received this award for their drive to push the Tilt-Up medium forward and explore the use of the construction method for a diverse range of projects. Seretta is committed to educating their supervisors and project managers on the latest trends in the concrete industry to ensure they stay ahead of the curve. The firm has been an active promoter of Tilt-Up concrete and has encouraged the growth of the method in the Southeastern and Mid-Atlantic regions of the Unites States as well as the Caribbean – all while maintaining a superior reputation for quality.

2008 - Hughes General Contractors

Hughes General Contractors has long been associated with pioneering Tilt-Up applications and aesthetics. They have pushed the Utah market to accept the implementation of Tilt-Up as the preferred method for school construction in major markets in Utah. Their pioneering use of pigmented concrete to establish a modern aesthetic for concrete buildings in the red Utah landscape has been readily shared throughout the Association. A longtime TCA member, Hughes has contributed significantly to the educational mission of the Association by sharing details, procedures and business models.

2007 - Charles van Eck (Tilt-Up Systems)

2006 - Sherman Balch (Balch Enterprises Inc)

2005 - Larry Clark (L D Clark Building Company)

2004 - Glenn Doncaster (Citadel Contractors Inc.)

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